Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KL Gangster

Since today is my beloved country's 54th independence day (Selamat Hari Merdeka fellow Malaysians!), i'm feeling the patriotic side in me burning up! That's why today, i'mma review a local movie. I'm gonna review the most hyped up movie (in my university apparently), KL Gangster.
KL Gangster is about this retired gangster, Malek (Aaron Aziz), who just got out of prison and wanna start a new life. But then a new head gang who talks big about himself wants to finish him off, period. Then shit happens.
So i've never watched a Syamsul Yusof (director, Shark) film before, and if i'm not mistaken he once won Pengarah Harapan (Most Promising Director) at the Festival Filem Malaysia. So i thought "Yeah why not?".
First of all, i thought the main actors did a pretty good job. Specifically Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra and Syamsul Yusof. Aaron Aziz as the responsible yet dangerous brother. Adi Putra as the arrogant brother. And by the way, i like his character too, and his script. I thought his script was the best out of all but in a gangster-y kind of way. Syamsul Yusof, dude Syamsul Yusof's character, Shark, is a pain in the ass! Seriously, you just hate the guy. I did. Throughout the whole movie, i was hoping for him to die anytime soon. He just gets into your nerves. But hey don't get me wrong, i meant that in a good way. It means that Syamsul Yusof did a good job playing his character.
So the main actors gave a really impressive performance, but the extras, it's not that they didn't do a good job, it's just that i don't see why most of them have to be in this movie. Like Zati (Sheera Iskandar), her character did not contribute a thing to the film. I don't think King (Ridzuan Hashim) needs to be in the film also. And that big dude at the wet market (Sorry i don't know your name. That shows how meaningless your character is.), why the fuck should he be in this film, like, at all?! All he does is terrorize the market and pick a fight with Malek. What the fuck dude? What is your problem? His presence was very very pointless. I guess he was the most pointless of all. And Zizan, okay personally, i like Zizan. I've seen him in Maharaja Lawak and other comedy shows and i think he's a funny guy. But not in KL Gangster. Because the things he said were really stupid. But i don't blame him entirely though. I blame the scriptwriter. Cuz his script was terrible. If i were you Zizan, i'd fire the scriptwriter. Oh wait, the scriptwriter is Syamsul Yusof. Okaaaay. Awkward. But to me, one big complain i got for KL Gangster is that the fight scenes were very tiring to watch. I know this is an action packed movie but the fight scenes were repetitive. Like there's always a fight scene in every 10 minutes of the movie. And there weren't any variety in those fight scenes. All of the choreography were the same. Maybe you'd enjoy the first three fight scenes but after that, no. Have you noticed in the Bourne movies, they have very little fight scenes but why do a lot of people find each of them very interesting and satisfying to watch? It's because there's variety in the fight scenes and it don't happen in every 10 minutes.
To sum it up, i thought that the movie has good leading actors but the good acting from those three actors i mentioned earlier couldn't make up for the tiring nine fight scenes in the movie. Yes i've counted. A total of NINE fight scenes.

Positives: Aaron Aziz, Adi Putra, Syamsul Yusof.
Negatives: Extra's existence, Zizan's script, tiring and repetitive fight scenes.


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